Turfonline has been growing top class lawn turf for over 50 years. We strongly recommend that all lawns are fed in autumn and winter. Read why in our blog.

There is 3 mains reason why lawncare experts advise everyone to feed their lawns in autumn and winter.

If you don’t apply autumn winter lawn feed you risk the following

  1. The undernourished sward will become thin and weak. Gaps between grass plants are easily colonised by moss or weeds.
  2. Underfed plants are more prone to fungal lawn diseases like red thread disease. These leave nasty scars that can spoil a spring lawn.
  3. Roots that have perished during summer droughts cannot regrow if the plant doesn’t have the right nutrients. Come spring, your lawn may look pale and fragile. Not at all like the robust green swathe that your garden deserves.

winter grass

Even when grass blades are frozen the roots are still active. It’s important that they are well nourished.

How to choose a good autumn and winter lawn feed

There are many many choices of lawn feed on the garden centre shelves. Some contain moss killers or herbicides, some have seed and soil mixed with them. Others are formulated for summer time use.

Which one is right for you?

Unless you have a big problem with moss or weeds all over your lawn, I’d be inclined to steer away from the feed and weed type fertilisers. Firstly, you are paying for chemicals you don’t need. Secondly, do you really want to spread weedkiller about willy-nilly? It’s not good for the environment. I prefer to spot treat troublesome areas and keep herbicide use down to an absolute minimum.

When it comes to gardening, I try to ignore marketing hype and just use the simplest products I can find.

Repairing your lawn

Do you have bare patches in your lawn? Be sure to look at the underlying cause before spending money on quick-fix solutions that may not work. If the soil is soggy, shady or compacted it will be difficult to grow a lovely lawn until those problems are put right.

Read Turfonline’s advice on repairing a lawn with grass seed

Autumn winter lawn feed MUST be relatively low in Nitrogen. Never ever use a spring-summer lawn feed after the end of August – even if you do have some left in the shed. Spring summer lawn feed is all about growing leaves. For autumn and winter, your grass needs support to grow roots and fight disease. Too much foliage in winter time is vulnerable to frost damage and attack from fungal diseases.

Applying lawn feed

Find a lawn feed that you can spread easily yourself. I’m a big fan of granules. They run through my spreader easily so I get nice even coverage. If find liquid lawn feeds hard to apply and the really fine powders go all over the place if there’s just a puff of wind.

autumn winter lawn feed

My favourite autumn winter lawn feed at the moment is Rejuvenator. It’s easy to handle and seems to give good results. I quite like the container too. If I have any feed left over I can put the lid back on and know the feed will store nicely in the shed. Rejuvenator is only available to buy online or over the phone from its developers at Harrowden Turf

Always use a spreader and check the calibration before you start. An uneven application might lead to odd-coloured stripes and patches later in the year and it takes months for the lawn to settle down again.

Buying autumn lawn feed

You don’t have to wait for the garden centre to open to buy your autumn winter lawn feed. By ordering online, you won’t be tempted to pick up scented candles, socks, Christmas decorations, and sweeties to your trolley as well.

Turfonline has a good stock of Rejuvenator autumn winter lawn feed available to order online. Delivery is swift and the customer service team are awesome at answering any questions you may have.

Order autumn winter lawn feed online now

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