An in-depth look at Meadowmat wildflower turf. Find out what it is and how to use it.

Meadowmat wildflower turf is one of the best sellers on the Turfonline website. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways of bringing biodiversity to your garden, green roof or landscaping project.

  • Easy to transport
  • Install wildflower turf just like lawn turf
  • Instant groundcover
  • Smothers annual weed seeds in the soil
  • Big variety of plant species in the seed mix
  • Plants are already growing strongly
  • No need to wait for seeds to grow
  • Mayflower in its first year (depending on installation time)
  • Perennial plants keep growing back year after year
Meadowmat rolls are heavy. Have somebody on hand to help you lift them.

This is What Meadowmat wild flower turf looks like when it’s delivered

You can see a strong mat of healthy roots just waiting to establish themselves

wildflower turf sward

There is a mixture of plant species. You can see broadleaved plants and grass. In winter time it will look as though there is more grass than flowering species. That’s because some of the perennial plants are dormant at this time of year.

The sward has been mown for easier transportation. It will soon recover and will grow strongly from early spring until midsummer.

If you want summer flowers, Meadowmat needs to be installed before the end of March.

Types of Meadowmat

Not every garden (or green roof) is the same and no two people have the same tastes so we’ve developed five types of Meadowmat for you to choose from

Traditional Meadowmat

wildflower garden london
Traditional Meadowmat in all it’s glory in St James’s Park London

Lots of robust wildflower species growing amongst native grasses. Just like a traditional meadow of yesteryear. Gives a strong burst of colour from around mid-may until midsummer (depending on the season).


Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

meadowmat birds and bees mix
The term Meadow Turf might also mean turf with wildflowers in it – like this Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

Specially created to attract lots and lots of wildlife in your garden. Meadowmat for Birds and Bees has a longer flowering period so it provides pollen and nectar from early spring right through until autumn. In autumn and winter, the birds will come to feast on the seedheads.left over from summer.

More information here

Meadowmat for Woodland Shade

woodland wildflowers

Perfect for dappled shade. The main flowering period is in springtime before deciduous trees grow all of their leaves.

More information here


Cottage Garden Meadowmat

mixed wildflowers and butterfly

My favourite! We’ve included some non-native species for a bright pop of colour in summer. Very much like a Victorian cottage garden. But far easier to establish and less labour intensive to maintain. Beloved by butterflies, bees and gardeners.

More information here


Meadowmat wildflower turf for Roof and Garden

wildflowers for roof

Happy to grow on as little as 100mm of growing medium. Be aware though, that if there is less than 200mm of soil or substrate beneath this Meadowmat, you may need to irrigate during dry weather.

Bursting with biodiversity and bright colours, this wildflower turf works just as well on the ground as it does on a living roof.

More information here

How to install Meadowmat wildflower turf

Ground preparation is much the same as for lawn turf, but in one respect Meadowmat needs a very different surface. Wildflower turf should be laid onto low nutrient soil. If the soil is very rich, you risk having problems controlling the amount of grass in the sward in future years.

This video explains how to install Meadowmat

What does wildflower turf cost?

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