Topsoil is the upper layer of the soil already in your garden, and is usually high in nutrients and other organic matter, making a great starting point for any garden bed or lawn.

If you’re doing major or minor landscaping work, never throw topsoil away! You’ll inevitably need it later. You may also need to buy additional topsoil to create new plating areas or lawn. If that’s the case then you’ll need it in high volume – it’s usually best to get more than you need.

If you over-order, any spare topsoil can be placed over your existing planting areas (perhaps replacing the top layer of soil already there) or used in planters.

What Does Good Soil Cost?

The cost of your topsoil, including delivery, often varies depending on where you buy it from.

Your local garden centre is often very trustworthy and you may rely on them for most of your gardening needs, but they are likely to be the most expensive supplier. Buying bagged topsoil can be an expensive approach. If the garden centre offers a bulk delivery service in dumpy bags, it’s likely they will be acting as a middle man and you’ll be paying them a commission for them to buy topsoil on your behalf from a bulk supplier. This is why it’s one of the most costly ways to order your soil.

At the other end of the scale, you may see an advert in the local paper or online noticeboard offering cheap or free topsoil for you to take away. You’ll often need your own transport and you’ll need to get bags to carry it in.

Just bear in mind the topsoil may be of poor quality, containing rubble or other materials such as clay or sand. Topsoil obtained in this way may also contain fragments of invasive weeds or residual plant infections which are carried in soil.

A specialist topsoil supplier, whether online or offline, usually offers the best value for money, provided they are reputable.

At Soilonline we pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money.

Check The Quality: Ask To See A Sample

Soilonline are happy to provide a topsoil sample whenever you ask for one. We’ll post it out to you so you can be certain that you’re ordering from the best online supplier of topsoil.