On the borders of woods and on shady hedgebanks around our farms Wood Avens is abundant. It is a perennial, with a short creeping rootstock and belongs to the rose family.

The pale yellow flowers are very distinctive with five petals, and are around 1.5 cm wide. The flowers are also quite solitary, flowering from May through to September. The leaves are toothed and deeply lobed, with the plant reaching up to 70 cm tall.

The fruit is a rounded cluster of achenes and the sharp hooks will attach to fur and feather and so get distributed.

Wood Avens In Folklore

Wood Avens features prominently in folklore, where it is credited to drive way evil spirits and to protect against rabid dogs and venomous snakes. Astrologically it is said to be ruled by Jupiter. It also has many uses in herbal medicine and is still used in an Austrian tea to treat gout infections and fever.

Yellow Wildflowers

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