In summer 2013, Garden Organic, a charity situated in Coventry, became even more environmentally friendly by introducing wildflower areas. Garden Organic now has a variety of Meadowmat wildflower matting in their gardens, courtesy of us at Turf Online who donated our wildflower matting. This has brought even more appealed customers into the award-winning visitor attraction!

Meadowmat has been installed along the road frontage which doesn’t just attract customers, but it also helps support bees, butterflies and other local wildlife. This is also great for Garden Organic because it reduces the amount of maintenance, such as mowing, needed along the narrow strip of grass. This will not only help Garden Organic financially, but it will also help to alleviate concerns about workers’ safety when mowing close to a busy road!


Why Is Garden Organic a Great Attraction?

Within the gardens at Garden Organic, 30,000 visitors are attracted per year which also actively encourages educational visits from schools. Our Meadowmat wildflower matting has been used to create a bee-friendly meadow where interpretation boards have helped visitors learn how crucial species-rich grassed areas are to local ecology and all-important food production!

Angela Lambert from Turf Online said: “This is a fabulous opportunity to remind the British public how beautiful wildflowers are and how valuable they are to our wildlife. Species-rich road verges and meadows are not just about aesthetics. As more and more of our green spaces disappear beneath homes and infrastructure, it’s important that we do whatever we can to maintain biodiversity in the UK – it’s part of our heritage.“

Where Can I Find More Information On Meadowmat?

Meadowmat is a type of wildflower matting which contains an array of beautiful flowering plants and grasses which simply grow into our matting system provided. Meadowmat is great to use id you want wildflower matting that’s straightforward, but also elegant to look at. The process of buying Meadowmat really is simple, once you’ve ordered the best type that is most suitable for you, you’ll receive it rolled up. So, all you have to do is unroll it onto prepared ground and keep up with light maintenance, such as watering (this allows the roots to settle), it really is as simple as that!

Every piece of Meadowmat is grown from British seed and dispatched by Turf Online’s production team in Norfolk. So you’re benefiting both the production of healthy food for humans and the safety of insects and other animals, Meadowmat wildflower matting is completely pesticide-free and only freshly grown outdoors! Meadowmat is even grown in the company of other insects and mammals, encouraging more development when growing!
If you want more information on how you could contribute to nurturing wildlife, education and food production, you can explore our range of Meadowmat wildflower matting here or call us on 03334 564516.