Wildflowers On The Farm

We have many wildflowers that grow naturally on our farms, lots of which appear in our Meadowmat products. Some wildflowers such as the ones below are less common and also much more difficult to spot!

Grass Vetchling (Lathyrus Nissolia)

This wildflower is a member of the Vetch family of which there are two different types in Meadowmat. However the leaves look much like grass, and it is only recognisable when it flowers. The flowers which appear between May and July are small and delicate, and brilliant scarlet. It may be more common than we think – but it takes sharp eyes and some luck to find! This one was photographed in one of our field margins.

Goats-Beard (Tragopogon Pratensis)

This wild flower too can be difficult to spot. The flowers are large and distinctive – however, they are shut by midday and hardly open at all on dull days! It is a member of the daisy family and flowers in June and July. The seed head is a ball of white feathery seeds that can be 12cm across. One of the old folk names of this plant is “John-go-to-bed-at-noon” because of its flowering habits.  We find this on farm tracks and in corners of the yard.

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