Your green roof is many things: a thriving habitat for wild flora and fauna, an effective and eco-friendly use of space, an insulating, protective covering to your home and a thing of beauty. When it is designed properly and installed correctly, your green roof will be hardy, reducing your home’s risk of flooding and keeping you cosy in winter and cool in summer.

After one of the mildest Decembers on record, you may have put thoughts of winter maintenance out of your mind, hoping that spring will soon be with us. The weather in the UK, however, is nothing if not unpredictable and conditions in January can turn from mild rain to hard frosts on a sixpence. Green roofs are incredibly resilient, yet inclement weather can leave them looking past their best and basic maintenance is required to keep them thriving through the winter. Here are our top tips for caring for your green roof during this time.

1. Clear drains and gutters:

Fallen leaves, debris from storms and tree branches can all accumulate on your green roof at this time of year, negatively impacting rainwater drainage. If the drainage system is not working effectively, water can make its way through to the weaker parts of the waterproofing so it’s important that you clear it regularly.

Avoid going up to your roof in poor weather and always let somebody know what you are doing in case you have a slip or a fall.

Remove as many leaves as you can, especially around your drains and in corners where they tend to mount up. Remember also that large debris on your roof has the potential to reduce the amount of sunlight getting to your plants so get it taken away as soon as possible.

2. Plant maintenance:

The plants on your green roof also need a little TLC to see them through the winter. The removal of fallen leaves will ensure they receive adequate sunlight but it is also worth checking and removing any tree seedlings that may be starting to bed down. These can create strong roots which can damage your drainage system so the sooner they can be removed the better.

sedum plants may turn a red-brown colour in winter but they still look great on a green roof

Check and take out any dead plants or vegetation and prune any bushes or overgrowing flowerbeds. This will allow maximum sunlight and water to reach those early spring buds.

3. Plant feeding:

This winter so far has seen record levels of rainfall and it is likely that persistent heavy downpours have washed away many of the nutrients from your green roof’s soil systems.

We recommend that your plants and flowers are fed as soon as spring arrives in order to maximise their growth potential and keep your roof looking fabulous. Plan ahead by ordering your green roof feed from our online shop: . Specially formulated for living roofs, the feed is easy to apply and made entirely from natural ingredients so you can be sure it will be kind to the biodiverse ecosystem of your green roof.

Order your green roof feed in time for spring

4. Book an appointment with our expert:

Our green roof maintenance expert is on hand all through the winter and can come out to do a site visit and/or carry out essential maintenance for you. We offer a bespoke service and will ensure that your roof stays functioning at its best and looking fabulous. For all your green roof maintenance needs, give us a call today on 0800 061 2653 or visit