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Achillea Cerise Queen (Achillea millefolium Cerise Queen)

Key facts about Achillea Cerise Queen

  • Height: up to 60cm
  • Flowering Time: June – September
  • Flower colour: Hot pink / Magenta
  • Growth habit: Upright perennial forming bushy plants with lots of flower heads. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering period.
  • Habitat: Full sun and any type of soil. Prefers well drained but moisture retentive soil.
  • Appears in: Cottage Garden Meadowmat 


pink flowers of achillea cerise queen

Wow! This is one flower that really does bring a bright pop of colour to the garden. The striking magenta blooms are as attractive to humans as they are to pollinating insects.

Strictly speaking “Cerise Queen” is not a native wildflower. In fact you’ll not find it in the wild unless you happen across a garden escapee. But look closely and you can see how closely this plant is related to our own “yarrow”.

Dozens of tiny pink florets form each flower head but it’s the leaves that fascinate me the most. The scientific name “millefolium” refers to the feathery foliage that appears to have a thousand or more segments in each leaf. (The latin word “mille” refers to thousands, whilst “folium” means leaf.

Uses for Achillea Cerise Queen

Medicinally speaking, Achillea is used by herbalists to treat tendon problems. That’s not why we’ve added it to our Cottage Garden Meadowmat though.

Pollinators absolutely adore this plant. Great in prairie style planting surrounded by grasses and absolutely superb in the herbaceous border. Like all Achilleas it does prefer full sun. It also produces some impressive seed heads. Try to avoid cutting them down at the end of the summer – they look amazing when touched by a haw frost. The stems are sometimes used by overwintering insects too.

A true cottage garden plant.

  • Pollinator friendly
  • Easy to grow
  • Split plants in early spring to increase the numbers
  • Frost hardy
  • Perennial
  • Vibrant coloured flowers

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