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Corn Chamomile (Anthemis Arvensis)

Key facts about Corn Chamomile

  • Height: 20-50cm
  • Flowering Time: June – September
  • Flower colour: Sparkling white petals with yellow centres
  • Growth habit: upright
  • Habitat: Likes disturbed soil and full sun
  • Appears in: Cottage Garden Meadowmat

Description for Corn Chamomile

corn chamomile anthemis arvensis

Cheerful daisy like flowers in summer time and pretty, feathery leaves.  This is an annual plant that germinates, grows, flowers and fades all within a 12 month period. Nevertheless, it’s very easy on the eye and brings a bright pop of colour to the summer garden.

The plant does have a faint smell, but nowhere near as unpleasant as it’s cousin the stinking chamomile.

The centre of each flower is bright yellow and surrounded by many daisy like white petals. As the flower ages the petals lean backwards towards the stem.

Uses for Corn Chamomile

A valuable garden annual Corn chamomile sits just as happily in formal borders as it does in more relaxed prarie style planting. You could even grow it in a potager garden.  It looks spectacular grown alongside red-flowered runner bean plants.

Ecologists believe that these pretty plants were first brought to Britain from Europe in medieval times. Possibly as a medicinal herb. However, by the 1800’s the species was so successful that farmers thought of it as a weed. Today, modern farming practises have rendered the corn chamomile an endangered species.

Gardeners can help by growing Corn Chamomile as an ornamental plant.

Corn Chamomile in Meadowmat

We’ve added this jaunty plant to  the seedmix for Cottage Garden Meadowmat  because it’s simply delightful.

Bright sprays of sparkling white flowers perfectly compliment the jewel like colours of the other species in this, our most garden-friendly type of Meadowmat.

What’s not to like about this annual wildflower?

  • Very easy to grow
  • Pollinator friendly
  • Eyecatching pop of colour
  • Lovely fern-like foliage for extra interest
  • Frost hardy
  • Perfect for a cottage style garden

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