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Cosmos Gloria (Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Gloria’)

Key facts about Cosmos Gloria

  • Height: Up to 90cm
  • Flowering Time: June – September
  • Flower colour: Rose pink
  • Growth habit: Upright annual plant with feathery leaves
  • Habitat: Full sun, garden plant loves neutral or slightly alkaline (chalky) soils
  • Appears in: Cottage Garden Meadowmat   

What does Cosmos Gloria look like?

large swathe of cosmos bipinnatus gloria

No wildlife garden is complete without a splattering of cosmos flowers. Delicate, paper thin petals form the classic flower shape. This flower looks exactly like  the one that children like to draw. Cosmos Gloria has rose pink petals with a deep purple stain towards the centre of the flower. Stamens are bright yellow and the whole thing is elegant and jolly at the same time. Truly glorious!

Where to use Cosmos Gloria

Native to the Americas, Cosmos is also known as the Mexican Aster. It’s not frost hardy in the UK but is very good at self-seeding. One plant can produce several generations of these glorious flowers.

Beautiful in borders, these summer flowers also adapt well to meadow style plantings. Grow them with other flowering plants or with grasses. They look amazing either way. More importantly – butterflies, bees and other pollinators absolutely adore cosmos flowers. The pollen and nectar are easily accessible Plus, a long flowering period ensures a good food supply.

Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers.

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