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How Councils Can Cut Costs While Meeting Sustainable, Recreational And Environmental Targets

Including Wild Flowers In The Development Of Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure provides social, economic and environmental benefits close to where people live and work. It encompasses features such as Parks and gardens, open spaces, road, river and canal corridors, playing fields, woodlands and wetlands. All of which can be enhanced by the inclusion of colourful, low-maintenance and wildlife friendly areas.

The Role Of Wildflower Meadows In Implementing Biodiversity Duty

The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act which came into force on 1 October 2006 requires local authorities to conserve, restore and enhance species populations and habitats as well as protecting them.

Wildflower meadows are one way to conserve biodiversity not just in plant species but amongst insects, amphibians, small mammals and even birds.

Discover how wildflower meadows help local wildlife

An area of natural planting can work splendidly in conjunction with other environmental programmes such as SUDS, green roofs and climate change adaptation

Cutting Maintenance Costs With Permanent Wildflower Plantings

Managing the budget for greenspace maintenance is a challenge. However, an established wildflower meadow can help keep costs under control. A wildflower meadow based on perennial plants is aesthetically pleasing but only needs to be mown once a year. Native perennial plants are frost hardy, re-grow every year and are rarely decimated by pests. They also prefer low-nutrient soils. For the thrify landscape manager, that means no need for fertiliser and negligable use of pesticides and herbicides. Learn more about maintenance for wildflower meadows

Using Wildflowers In Public Places And Amenities

A wild flower area in a park, beside a carpark or on the edge of a playing field provides a fabulous amenity for people and wildlife. It can improve the appearance of an area, helping to create a healthy and attractive living environment. In turn, this can help to sustain local economies.

Free Wildflower Fact-sheet For Local Authorities

For more information and ideas about using wild flowers to help meet sustainable, recreational and environmental targets, download our free fact-sheet.

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