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How Green Roofs Protect Against Noise

A sedum green roof can potentially half the amount of noise pollution entering your home, perfect for those seeking peace in busy and urban areas.

Green Roofs Are Great As Natural Sound Proofing

As well as the vast ecological and environmental advantages that your green roof provides, there are a number of social benefits that can further enhance your overall lifestyle. With the pace of everyday life ever-increasing, the urban side effects on our neighbourhoods often come at a high price. However, here at Turfonline, we are ever striving to create equilibrium between modern society and a healthy environment.

Green Roofs Provide Noise Attenuation

With regards to acoustic advantages, green roof systems have been deemed an important structure in the reduction of noise pollution, especially in urbanised areas. Green roofs have excellent noise attenuation, especially for low frequency sounds, as opposed to hard conventional roofs which tend to just deflect it. It is the combination of both substrate and plants, along with the layers of trapped air within green roofs that make it an idealistic solution for integrating as a natural sound insulation barrier.

How Green Roofing Works To Create A Sound Proofing Layer

Each component plays an important role; with the growing medium acting as barrier to lower sound frequencies, whilst the plants focus on obstructing higher frequencies. In an already noisy urban environment, and ever increasing in more rural areas, this is unquestionably beneficial. This same soft layer of sedum blanket on your green roof also improves the buildings sound insulation properties, thus also reducing sound pollution within.

Understandably the extent of this is dependent on the system that you have chosen and the substrate depth. The International Green Roof Association (IGRA) indicates that on average your green roof can reduce sound reflection by up to 3 dB and improve sound insulation by up to 8 dB. This is extremely advantageous, even more so to those who reside near such infrastructures as airports or noisy industrial areas.

Additional Benefits Of Green Roofs

In addition to this, studies by the IGRA also show that electromagnetic waves from transmitting stations can be effectively shielded by the vegetation layer. Although the risk posed by electromagnetic radiation (from wireless devices and mobile communication) to human health is still a question for debate, it has already been widely established that green roofs are capable of reducing electromagnetic radiation penetration by 99.4% (Herman 2003).