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How Can Green Roofs And Increase Efficiency In PV Panels

Green roofs increase the efficiency of PV panels

Not only can a living green roof help obscure a solar panel and improve the appearance of having one on your roof, it will also increase the panel’s working efficiency.

Opportunity not conflict

Often approached as independent sustainable systems, both green roofs and solar panels have their own exclusive attributes to offer. Nevertheless the combination of the two is becoming ever appealing; with these united technologies truly complimenting one another and their proposed environments; a prime example of an ecosystem-services approach to the built environment.

A green roof provides numerous benefits to the environment; ranging from insulation and sound amelioration, too the reduction in the Urban Heat Island Effect and an increase in biodiversity. Meanwhile the uses of Photovoltaic (PV) panels on a roof top provide a renewable source of energy for your building. Beyond these related advantages, these two systems can in fact support one another.

A cool green roof increases efficiency

Research has shown that the evapo-transpiration from your green roofs vegetation can have an extremely positive effect on the efficiency of PV panels. It is suggested that the panels’ optimum efficiency is at an ambient air temperature of approximately 25 ̊C. For every degree above this, the PV panel can lose anything up to 0.5% efficiency.

Your traditional roof can become extremely hot when in direct sunlight, especially in the height of summer. It is evidently at this time that the solar panels are intended to be at their peak in terms of their energy production; however this extreme surface temperature can have an adverse affect. Fortunately, as your green roof transpires, so the surrounding air can maintain an ambient temperature (between 20-28 ̊C); sustaining the efficiency of the PV panels and in turn producing far more reliable power during the summer months.

A green roof benefits from PV Panels

Additional advantages of integrating PV’s into your green roof include a shadier habitat for a more diverse number of species; further enhancing your green roofs biodiversity. Although plant growth may be stunted due to the lack of sunlight, this is offset by the water run-off from the surface of the panels, concentrating moisture at the foot of the panel, resulting in a more diverse range of vegetation than would commonly be expected on a full exposed extensive green roof.

When the rainfall is less, your green roof will once again step up to the mark by reducing air born pollutants and dust drifts which are commonly found on traditional roofs. By lessening the amount of dirt on the photovoltaic panels, your green roof is once again increasing their chances at performing at a higher standard as well as minimising their need of maintenance.

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