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More About Sedum Plants

The group of plants known as Sedums are just one member of the plant family ‘Crassulaceae’ sometimes referred to as stonecrops.

Enviromat used as an alternative to a grass lawn. Gardenenrs World Live 2003The whole of the Crassulaceae family consists of succulent plants such as sedums and their cousins semperveriums (house leeks). The family takes its scientific name form the latin word “crassus” meaning “thick”, in reference to the fleshy leaves common to all members.

The word “Sedum” is taken from the latin “sedo” meaning to sit and probably refers to the way in which sedum plants seem to sit on rocks, walls, ledges and other seemingly inhospitable places. There are about 400 different types of sedum varying in height, colour and flowering season. Most of them are evergreen and very easy to care for.

Sedums are drought tolerant plants

As a genus, sedums are tolerant of most well-drained soils and are at home in poor soil and dry locations. That’s one of the reasons why sedum plants are so popular for drought tolerant ground cover and for use on extensive green roofs where conditions are arid and irrigation is impractical.

Sedums are really unhappy in soggy, boggy conditions so if you are using Enviromat sedum matting as ground-cover or on a flat green roof, always be sure to use our drainage mat to help keep the roots happy.

Sun-loving plants

Sedum plants love sunshine and thrive in full sun or light shade. They make the best ground cover for a sunny garden and are well suited to a shade-free roof… fact Enviromat sedum matting does a great job of shading a roof and keeping a building cool in the summer months.

Many Sedums grow well indoors too. They don’t need a great deal of attention, just a reasonable amount of light, an occasional watering and a thrice yearly feed. Bear in mind though, that the sedum plants that make up Enviromat much prefer to live out of doors.

Plants for wildlife friendly gardens

Sedum plants have wonderful nectar rich flowers that are irresistable to honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies. The sedum species in Enviromat sedum matting were selected to give a long flowering period. On an average year, Enviromat will flower from May to October providing food for our pollinating insects.

Enviromat is also popular with beetles, spiders, aphids and other mini-beasts, who in return, attract birds. Birds also like to collect the dead seedheads to use as nesting material. So a win-win situation for wildlife.

Enviromat has been awarded the RHS Perfect for Pollinators badge.

What is sedum matting?

Enviromat sedum matting is a landscaping product that makes it easy for you to plant sedums. Sedum plants are grown on to a strong matting system that can be installed either onto the ground for instant, drought tolerant ground cover; or on to a flat or gently pitched roof to create a living green roof.