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Turf Online FAQ’s

What is the minimum order for topsoil?

Our minimum order is one dumpy bagful (approximately one tonne) of soil. We can also supply loose topsoil by the lorry load. For large quantities this is really cost-effective so please contact us for a quote.

Do you take cash on delivery?

Unfortunately we’re unable to accept cash on delivery – in this day and age it’s not fair to ask our drivers to travel around with cash in their lorries. Our online payment system on the other hand is 100% safe and secure.

Can you deliver to my home?

We used a mixed fleet of delivery vehicles up and down the UK. We mainly articulated lorries but smaller vehicles can be arranged. Please let us know well in advance if there are likely to be problems with access at the delivery address – steep slopes, narrow roads, parked cars, low bridges, busy roads etc so that we can use the most appropriate vehicle for the job.

Generally, deliveries are made with a Tail-lift and Pallet Truck offloaded to the Kerbside. Please click here for more delivery information.

Do you deliver at weekends?

Our delivery days are between Tuesday and Saturday. Our cut off time for Saturday delivery is 10am the Friday before.

How is your soil unloaded from the lorry?

Bagged topsoil is strapped to a pallet and depending on the delivery vehicle the topsoil is offloaded with a forklift or a pallet truck. You don’t need to have the means to unload the lorry, but you might need something to move the soil around your garden or site. Our deliveries are kerbside only which means the driver will leave your soil as close to your property as possible but may not be able to bring it onto your driveway – that all depends on access.

What do I do with the bag?

The cost of the bag is included in the soil so it’s yours to keep. If you have no use for it, then your local builder will probably be glad of it for transporting bulky goods.