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Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia Cesoutisa)

Key facts about Tufted Hair Grass (Deschampsia Cesoutisa)

  • Height: up to 120cm
  • Flowering Time: June – August
  • Flower colour: Pale Green
  • Growth habit: Tufts of grass up to 50cm wide
  • Habitat: Likes cool, moist climate
  • Appears in: Cottage Garden Meadowmat 

A Brief Description of Tufted Hair Grass

This grass is often at top of the wish list for garden designers and for good reason. A wonderful willowy grass with large delicate fronds that whisper in the wind. Tufted hair grass has several cultivated cousins including ‘Goldschleier’ which is a proud holder of the RHS Award of Garden Merit. But we like the wild one best!

Where to use Tufted Hair Grass

If you want to fill space in the border with something that looks amazing but doesn’t make too many demands, tufted hair grass is an excellent candidate.

We’ve included it in the seed mix for Cottage Garden Meadowmat because its wonderful fronds and golden summer foliage is the perfect complement to the colourful flowers growing alongside it. This grass has lots of attraction for wildlife but aesthetically it is neither thuggish nor shy.

Benefits of Tufted hair grass

  • Perennial grass, proven to adapt well to almost any situation
  • Beautiful seedheads
  • Strong root system will tolerate drought once established
  • Lovely feathery seed heads
  • Adapts nicely to a relaxed maintenance regime
  • Generally undemanding


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