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Where To Use Meadowmat Wildflower Turf

Meadowmat wildflower turf is not only easy to use, it’s versatile too. Meadowmat is great for small projects such as wildlife gardens in schools and homes. It’s also ideal for large swathes of low maintenance landscaping.

Here Are Just A Few Ways To Use Meadowmat:

Make A Low Maintenance Wildflower Area In Your Garden

Wild flowers look amazing growing beside a path, around a pond or in a sunny corner. Click here for garden design ideas using wild flower mat

Create A Safe Place For Wildlife

A wildflower meadow of any size is a rich source of pollen and nectar for butterflies and bees. It’s also a safe hiding place for all sorts of beneficial creatures.

As An Educational Resource For Schools And Colleges

Provide a hands-on experience of nature, eco-systems and wildlife. A mini wildflower meadow offers a wealth of opportunities for science, ecology and the creative arts.

Save Maintenance Costs In Parks And Gardens

Swapping high maintenance lawns or flower beds to easy care wild flower meadows will help your budget go further.

Bring Your Community Together To Help Wildlife

Local projects are incredibly valuable to wildlife and can really engage and inspire community groups. Why not bring a quiet corner of the village green to life with a wildflower meadow? Or turn a dull and neglected road verge into a “bee road”?

Minimise The Environmental Impact Your Newbuild Property

BREEAM certification proves to planners, buyers and potential tenants that your building has a low carbon footprint. As well as being fuel efficient, it protects wildlife habitat and enhances local biodiversity. Meadowmat is a quick and easy way to establish upwards of 34 plant species on the site and earn yourself those all important BREEAM credits. Discover more about using wild flowers on building projects