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Wild Flowers For Builders And Developers

Easy Breeam Compliant Environmental Enhancement For Building Projects

Feedback from property rentals and sales shows that BREEAM rated buildings deliver a better return on investment for developers and owners. The market demands environmentally aware developments – but it wants low maintenance too. And you, as a developer, want an easy landscaping solution that will help earn that all-important BREEAM accreditation. Meadowmat wildflower turf from Turfonline can help.

A species-rich wildflower meadow as part of a new development

How Does Meadowmat Wildflower Turf Earn Breeam Points?

Meadowmat traditional wildflower turf contains 34 species of native plants that encourage insects, birds, small mammals and amphibians to colonise and increase the biodiversity of a site. The seed mix has been specially selected to meet the requirements of most SQE’s*. And it’s easy to install and care for – so it meets the requirements of most developers too!

What Is Meadowmat?

Meadowmat is a pre-grown mat of wild plants. Most of the work has been done for you. We’ve chosen the varieties, sourced the seed and got the plants growing strongly. You don’t need to dig holes and plant things, you don’t need to sow seeds and wait for Mother Nature to grow them. Meadowmat handles just like lawn turf and it’s laid in exactly the same way as a lawn. Simply unroll the mats onto impoverished soil that has been rotovated and raked; keep well irrigated for 3-4 weeks, and the job is done.