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Spring Wildflower Meadow Maintenance Jobs

Spring is nature’s way of saying “lets party!” – Robin Williams

Caring for an established wildflower meadow in spring time

In spring time, there is very little to be done in an established wildflower meadow garden except watch and wait. Below are a few suggestions for jobs that may (or may not) need doing.

In this picture we can see the leaves of plantain, wild carrot, yarrow, sorrel, oxeye daisy and campion

  • Mowing: If you feel that your wildflower meadow was too grassy last season or that soil fertility is too high, you can mow your meadow in early-mid march. Choose a mild, sunny day and make sure the mower blades are really sharp. Reduce the length of the vegetation to about 10cm and remove all clippings. This will help to reduce soil fertility and allow smaller seedlings to see sunlight.
  • Growing: Allow your wildflower meadow to grow freely from March/April onwards. DO NOT add any fertiliser or feed of any sort
  • Sowing: Spring is a good time to try adding extra seeds to an existing meadow. Rake over the area you want to overseed, removing all debris and scuffing up the soil. Sprinkle seeds sparingly onto the bare soil and gently press them in.

Creating a new wildflower meadow in spring

There are 3 main ways to create a wildflower meadow: Seeding, plug planting or laying wildflower turf. In springtime, the most successful of these methods is laying wildflower turf.

For the best possible floral display in summer, Meadowmat wild flower mat should be installed between September and March. Installing in late spring or early summer will give fewer flowers in the first summer.