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Wildflowers: What To See And Do In June

The UK Wildflower Meadow In June

In June, your wildflower meadow will be a glorious cacophony of colours, flowers, movement and sounds. You can expect to see plenty of bees visiting their favourite blooms, you may see some butterflies and in some areas, possibly dragonflies too.

Wildflower Maintenance Jobs For June

Relax! In June established wildflower areas will be self-sufficient. If you have recently sown seeds or laid Meadowmat Wildflower turf, you will need to water regularly until the plants have rooted strongly into your soil. If your meadow is already growing strongly, take this opportunity to take photos, pick yourself a bouquet of wildflowers, maybe press some flowers and just enjoy watching the wildlife.

Wildflowers In June

Here are just a few of the wildflowers you can expect to see in the UK in June.