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Yellow Oatgrass (Trisetum Flavescens)

Key facts about Yellow Oatgrass

  • Height: 60-80cm
  • Flowering Time: June-July
  • Flower colour: greenish-yellow aging to bright golden yellow
  • Growth habit: Slender Upright stems
  • Habitat: Chalky soils happy in sun or moderate shade
  • Appears in: Woodland Shade Meadowmat

A Brief Description of Yellow Oatgrass

yellow oatgrass seed head

One of the UK’s most delicate looking wild grass. Slender stems carry a pretty flowering head consisting of many oat-like spikelets.

Found especially chalky soils in old meadows, roadside verges and woodland margins.

Where to use Yellow Oatgrass

So many grasses are overlooked by garden designers and growers. Yellow oatgrass is one of these. It’s beautiful billowy heads create a relaxed feel in any garden as they sway in the breeze.

Fine stems mean that Yellow Oatgrass will not draw the eye away from flowering plants, neither will it bully those plants out of existence. It’s also great in situations where shade means that midsummer colour comes from grasses rather than flowering plants (woodland flowers tend to bloom in spring before the leaf canopy gets so dense that it excludes light)

Use this grass to bring a different sort of colour and texture to summer gardens. We’ve used it in our Woodland Shade Meadowmat to make it easy for you to establish Yellow Oat Grass with some of the UK’s most beautiful wildflowers.

  • Robust grass plant
  • Beautifully coloured foliage in summer
  • Undemanding and easy to grow
  • Slender stems for lots of movement

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