Storing Turf and It’s Aftercare

It’s another thing not much spoken about, but both storing your turf and being able to care for new turf after it has been laid, are two essential things that you need to learn about.

When either of these is done badly, they can ruin all the work you have just done.

How To Store Turf

Storing turf seems something really basic…. ‘put it over there…out of the way…for when I’m ready!’

However, I have seen way too many pieces of turf put down where exactly that has happened.

Remember, turf can be laid ANYTIME of the year. When it’s cold, when it’s wet and when it’s dry.

If you lay the turf as soon as it is delivered on your doorstep, you will rarely have a problem. But the longer you leave it rolled up, the more chance you have of ruining this gorgeous piece of turf, and the more difficult it becomes to care for new turf.

Turf is a great convector of heat, especially when rolled up…so the hotter it gets outside…the hotter the turf will be. There is no rule of thumb about how long you can leave it rolled up for, as it depends on so many factors, but here are some useful tips.

  1. Get the lawn area prepared before you order your turf. If you haven’t got that preparation completed, it can unnecessarily hold up the laying of turf.
  2. Decide on where to store the turf before you get it delivered. Ensure access points are not being blocked and it won’t be put anywhere inconvenient.
  3. If the sun is out (and that can be a rarity these days!), try placing in a shady area, where it can stay a bit cooler.
  4. Don’t ever water your turf during storage. Whilst watering is essential when it’s down, watering when it is still rolled up will actually quicken up the ‘yellowing’ process!

Caring for a Newly Turfed Lawn

After you have laid your new lawn, you will need to do more to ensure it stays good! After all, it is important to care for new turf properly.

Again, mistakes are often made by thinking; now it’s got green on…it’ll all be fine….

The most important thing about aftercare…is exactly that….caring for it… Don’t forget that it’s a living plant.

Now, once you feel that roots are getting down and watering is becoming less essential, the next stage is moving onto a different form of aftercare.

I would suggest applying a good feed after about 6-8 weeks, such as Harrowden Turf Rapid Roots, in order to keep up the plant health. Dwarf rye grasses like food and feeding should be a regular part in your lawn programme. (Remember, when we cut and remove the clippings, we are taking away food and water!)

A Few other Aftercare Tips To Care for new turf;

  1. Mow turfed lawns a bit longer than your old lawn. 20-30mm will keep your lawn much healthier!
  2. Mow a little more often….
  3. Hollow tine aerate a lawn after about 6 months(between Oct-Mar). This will allow moisture to penetrating through your lawn. It will also help soil bacteria and oxygen levels to increase.

A little thought and planning can go a long way!

Happy turfing!