Lawn Turf For Sale in Buckinghamshire

Turf Online turf growers deliver freshly cut turf to Buckinghamshire at least twice a week and would be happy to deliver your turf order direct to your door.

This very nutrient rich lawn turf is grown on prime Norfolk soils and has been coming to Buckinghamshire for over twenty years. Many satisfied customers have benefitted from the modern grass seed mixtures that are tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

How Turf Online Turf is Used in Buckinghamshire and the Surrounding Area

Buckinghamshire is notable for its open countryside and natural features, its vast landscape is severed by many major Motorways making easy access to the many stunning points of interest including the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Stowe Landscaped Gardens near Buckingham, and the River Thames.

The dark green vibrant colour of Turf Online has been carpeting the landscapes of this beautiful county and the grounds of the many historic houses with great success over the years.

We Also Supply Wildflower Turf To Compliment Buckinghamshire’s Natural Beauty

Meadowmat wildflower turf has been supplied to many areas across this beautiful county. Because it is so easy to establish, Meadowmat is growing in popularity and is helping to replenish the natural habitat and pollination grounds to many species of insects, birds, bees and butterflies.

Meadowmat wildflower mat makes a low-maintenance lawn that is irresistible to wildlife.

Turf Online Turf in Buckinghamshire Tourist Attractions

Buckinghamshire also has many historic houses. Some of which are open to the public by the National Trust, such as Waddesdon Manor, West Wycombe Park and Cliveden.

Many of the villages and towns throughout Buckinghamshire use Turf Online turf for its robust, good looking and long lasting characteristics for new and old lawns to enhance their surroundings, after all they have a lot to live up to.

Lawns and tourism go hand in hand with games being held on Turf Onlines turf and families sharing a sandwich and a sunny day together while taking for granted the lush green carpet they sit on.

Laying Turf in Your Garden

How much does Turf Cost?

Many local contractors use Turf Online lawn turf every week and can advise you on how much does turf cost in Buckinghamshire. Alternatively, you can get a quote for turf delivered to your address by visiting our online shop…. don’t worry, you’re not obliged to make a purchase.

Which Grade of Turf is Best for my Garden?

You can buy a choice of turfs, however, in our experience, the best choice and value for Buckinghamshire is the grade that generally meets TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) standard for quality and is found here

How to Lay Turf

To ensure freshness and to get the best value for your turf, please ensure you have your area prepared before you order so you can lay and water in the new turf as soon as you get it.

This video shows a professional landscaper laying Turf Online turf in a garden. If you would rather have your turf laid by a professional, visit the BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) website to find a reputable landscaper in your area.