Fresh Lawn Turf Supplies in Cambridgeshire

How to Order Top Quality Turf for Cambridgeshire Gardens

When you are planning to invest in new grass turf or wildflower meadow turf, you need a top quality product and a top quality delivery service. Turf Online, the East Anglia grower, has built its leading reputation on both and is the first choice for gardeners and landscapers in Cambridgeshire.

A newly turfed back garden: turfing and planting by MBM Landscapes


Turf Online ensures that your turf arrives in the best condition, ready to lay – a superb, quality turf, cultivated locally with expertise and love and delivered in our specially-commissioned fleet of eco-friendly vehicles.

Our turf is treated to the best start in life, growing in the rich, dark soils of East Anglia. The farm is approximately 40 minutes drive-time from the centre of Cambridge.

To reach your Cambridgeshire garden, we cut the turf at the best time based on our delivery schedule. This means that your valuable new turf reaches you fresh and ready to lay.

Timing is everything. New turf must be laid as soon as possible, and with our track record for efficient, coordinated ordering and transporting, you can be confidently at the ready, waiting for your Cambridgeshire delivery. Our advanced vehicle tracking system means that you will be the first to hear if there is any delay on the roads.

Not Sure Which Turf You Need?

Visit our online turf information centre to read more about the different grades of Turf Online turf. And call us if you need help. Turf Online – your Cambridgeshire turfing partner

To help you plan a successful gardening or landscaping project, we are here to help at every stage. We can answer your questions and give advice by phone or email to ensure you order the right grade of turf and in the right quantity.

Can Turf Online Deliver Turf Next Day?

If you have a suitable vehicle, your are more than welcome to collect your turf directly from Turf Online farm on the Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border. Just phone the office to place your order and make the necessary arrangements.

If you would prefer to have your turf delivered to your door, and place your order no later than 12 noon, we aim to deliver the next working day. However, we recommend that you order well in advance, once your site is ready; this way we can give you a precise time on the agreed delivery date so that you can be ready to start laying immediately.

How Do I Lay My New Turf?

Visit our online information centre to find out how to prepare your site, lay your turf and care for your new lawn in those all-important early days.