Fresh Lawn Turf is Delivered to Cornwall at least Twice a Week from Turf Online

This deep green lawn turf grown on nutrient rich soils has been coming to Cornwall for over fifteen years. Turf Online has many satisfied customers in Cornwall who have enjoyed, and still are benefiting from the modern grass seed mixtures that are tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI)

You may remember the Olympic torch coming to the county by helicopter; you may not know that Celtic Turf based in the town of Just, laid Turf Online turf in the surrounding areas in readiness for the visitors and press attending this historic event.

Family picnics and games have been held on Turf Online turf in most of the coastal caravan and camping towns from Padstow, Newquay, St. Ives, Penzance, Falmouth and St Austell to name a few.

Tourist monuments, commercial and new build sites from Camborne to Bodmin with many villages and towns throughout Cornwall use Turf Online turf for its robust, good looking and long lasting characteristics for new and old lawns. E H Veerman, Trelawny Turf Supplies and many local contractors use Turf Online lawn turf every week.

How To Buy Your Cornish Garden

Buying turf online for delivery to Cornwall couldn’t be easier. Simply calculate how much turf you will need, select the right type of turf for you and your garden, click “add to cart” and fill in your payment and delivery details. We will do the rest. The Turf Online website is 100% secure and we never share your information with anyone, so you can buy online with confidence.

Turf Online has online tools to help you compare products and calculate how much turf you need. If you’re still not sure, our customer service team is here to help. The phones are manned from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and of course you can e-mail us whenever it is most convenient for you.

You can choose from a range of turfs, however, in our experience the best choice and value for Cornwall is our “Garden Lawn Turf” . This grade generally meets TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) standard for quality and is found here

How to Lay Turf

To ensure freshness and to get the best value for your turf, please ensure you have your area prepared before you order so you can lay and water in the new turf as soon as you get it.

This video shows you Turf Online recommended technique for preparing your soil and laying turf.