Freshly Cut Lawn Turf by Turf Online

There is something quintessentially English about a beautiful lawn set against a background of big skies and rolling hills. When you invest in a new lawn, you want to be sure that you are buying the best product at the best price. Turf Online can help.

Our naturally nutrient rich lawn turf is perfect for areas with poor soil depths and has been coming to Derbyshire for over twenty years. In that time, lots of happy lawn owners have benefitted from this easily managed turf. The modern grass seed mixture that is used to grow Turf Online turf, has been tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and found to be hardwearing, disease resistant and great for general landscaping.

Everybody Loves a Grass Lawn

You can see fast cars and bikes at Donington Park, you may not see how well the race colours contrasts against the green backdrop of Turf Online lawn turf. Britain’s first public park was opened in 1840 in Derby. The Arboretum enabled local people to relax, enjoy and picnic during hot days while laying on cool lawns.

Lawns and tourism go hand in hand seeing family picnics with games being held on lawn turf in most of the towns, alfresco from Alfreton to Asbourne, Glossop to Melbourne, Buxton to Hope Valley gives everyone in Derbyshire the outside enjoyment of one of Englands most respected Shire counties.

Tourist areas, commercial and new build sites from Derby to Chesterfield with many villages and towns throughout Derbyshire use Turf Online turf for its robust, good looking and long lasting characteristics for new and old lawns.

Order Turf Online for Delivery To Derby

Price of Turf For Derby

Fresh turf is surprisingly cheap, particularly when compared to paving, decking or artificial turf. Turf Online turf can be delivered to Derby and the surrounding towns and villages for as little as £3.00 per square metre, but don’t take our word for it. Visit our online turf shop, enter the amount of turf you need and your delivery postcode for a no-obligation quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value for money.

Which is The Best Type of Turf for my Derbyshire Garden?

That all depends on the way you use your garden. Turf Online turf selector tool can help you choose between several different grades of turf and ensure that you buy the right turf for you.

Or, take a look at our turf selector video…

To ensure freshness and to get the best value for your turf, please ensure you have your area prepared before you order so you can lay and water in the new turf as soon as you get it.

You can buy a choice of turfs, however, in our experience, the best choice and value for Derbyshire is the grade that generally meets TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) standard for quality and is found here.