Buying Turf in Suffolk

How do you find quality turf in Suffolk?

The answer is simple. Order your turf from renowned and trusted grower: Turf Online. We deliver all grades of our own home-grown turf from our East Anglian farm to the four corners of the UK. In fact, we are as famous for our advanced and computer-monitored delivery service as we are for our well-known and trusted grass!

If you live close to Turf Online and you have a suitable vehicle, why not come and collect your turf direct from the farm?

Turf Online turf is grown on our farm in Hockwold, not far from the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

We are approximately 10 miles from Brandon and around 40 minutes drive time from Bury-St-Edmunds or Newmarket. It’s an easy journey from Ipswich to Turf Online – it normally takes around 90 minutes and the roads are quite good.

Fresh Turf delivered throughout Suffolk

When you invest in turf, you not only need the best product; you need the most experienced delivery too. Your turf must reach your Suffolk garden in tip top condition, fresh and ready to lay. Our specially designed lorries protect the carefully rolled turf from extreme weather and keep healthy during the journey.

Because it is grown locally, the turf itself is ideal for Suffolk lawns. Cultivated from seed on the finest fenland soils, Turf Online turf is strong, resilient and very healthy. Thanks to our speedy coordinated ordering and delivery process, it loses none of these qualities in transit, reaching you ready to lay and enjoy.

Turf Quality Standards

Turf Online grass turf and wild flower meadow turf will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Expert growers and horticultural scientists between them ensure that our standards remain the highest possible. When you buy Turf Online turf you know you are getting the finest product in the finest condition.

Delivering Turf Online turf in Suffolk

Turf delivery in Suffolk is meticulously planned. When we have agreed a date and time for delivery, if there is any problem on the road our tracking system alerts us immediately, and then we let you know. This is so important as freshly dug turf must be laid as soon as it arrives.

Planning is everything! If you are in a hurry and place your order no later than noon one day, we aim to deliver the next working day. However, we recommend that you order well in advance, once your site is ready; this way we can give you a precise time on the agreed delivery date so that you can be ready to start laying immediately.

Not sure which turf you need

Click here to read more about the different grades of Turf Online turf. And call us if you need help.

What is the best way to lay turf?

This short video explains how to prepare the ground for turfing, how to lay turf and how to care for it in those all-important first few days.