Where to buy lawn turf in the West Midlands

A verdant green lawn is a joy to behold in any sized garden, so why wouldn’t you want your West Midlands garden to look it’s very best?

The quickest, easiest and most effective way to create a lawn is by laying turf. If your garden is near to Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Sutton Coldfield or Walmley then you are in luck. Turf Online is one of the best known and most reputable turf growers in the UK and we deliver to the West Midlands almost every day of the week.We have a turf for every situation and every budget. Including shade tolerant turf, sports turf, landscaping turf and even wildflower turf


Choosing Turf for Your West Midlands Garden

Turf Online turf is compatible with any garden soil and will establish quickly to create the lawn of your dreams. The trick is to choose the right grade of turf in the first instance. For example, if you want a family lawn, then our Jubilee Turf is to be recommended. It’s good looking, relatively easy to maintain and hardwearing.

For an area where fences, buildings or trees block out some of the light, Turf Online suggest using Shadesman Turf. It’s grown using a modern lawn grass species that thrives in shade as well as in sun.

For good value, go for Garden Lawn Turf. It’s a good strong turf and makes a really tough lawn but it won’t break the bank.

Visit our turf selector page for more information. There’s a useful video on there showing the turf grades side by side.

How Soon Can My Turf Be Delivered?

Turf Online turf farm in Norfolk is only a few hours drive from the West Midlands which means that if we receive your order by 12 noon we can normally deliver to you the next working day

Your turf is harvested especially for you as close to the delivery time as possible. That way it is as fresh as it can be when it arrives in your garden.

We deliver on fuel-efficient lorries with specially adapted trailers to keep your turf, and the environment in good heart.

How do I prepare the ground for turfing?

For advice on preparing the soil, laying turf and taking care of your new lawn in those all-important early weeks, please visit our “how to lay turf” section. There is a useful video there and plenty of information to help you create your perfect lawn

Click here to discover the professional way to create a lawn from turf.