Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²)

Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post on how to get started

Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²)Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²)
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Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²)
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Why choose a sedum roof?

The Enviromat flat green roof build up comprises three, easily installed layers. There’s no need for extra growing medium, everything the plants need is included within the Enviromat All-In-One sedum matting. Before placing an order, please ensure that your waterproofing is in good condition and your roof can support a weight of 120 Kg per square metre plus extra for snow loading or somebody stepping on the roof. Your green roof will require an edging which is not supplied in the kit. Download our green roof installation guide for more information.

Our flat green roof kit contains:

  • Enviromat All-In-One Sedum matting
    Seven species of low growing sedum are sown in a random mixture and grown in our fields in Norfolk for at least 12 months so that you don’t need to wait for seed to germinate or plug plants to establish. Enviromat will normally flower between May and October (depending on ambient weather conditions) and will provide a year round display of beautifully textured, colourful foliage. 

  • Polyethene root barrier  -  (per square metre):
    Protects your waterproofing against damage from roots and/or boots

  • Green roof drainage matting -  (per square metre):
    A lightweight, easy to manage drainage layer that simply unrolls on to the roof. A vital component on a flat sedum roof, drainage mat ensures that the sedum plants don’t have their roots sitting in puddles. They hate soggy soils.

How and where to lay Enviromat.

Your sedum enviromat prefers a sunny location. It will produce a low maintenance alternative lawn but it will not be hardwearing. Enviromat is heavy, and like grass turf it must be laid as soon as it arrives. Click here to find out more and download our full installation instructions.