Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²)

The Enviromat pitched green roof kit is suitable for living green roofs with a slope of more than 3 degrees. We do not recommend installing Enviromat on slopes above 20 degrees. If your roof has a steeper pitch, please telephone us for advice. With a roof pitch of less than 3 degrees, you will need a slightly different build-up.

Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post on how to get started

Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²)Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²)
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Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²) Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²)
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Please note that if you are ordering 30m²+ then a 2 day lead time is required

How can our green roof kit be used?

Please take a look at our green roof kits for flat roofs. Before placing your order, please check that the waterproofing on your roof is intact and in good condition and that the building is able to support a load of 120kg per square metre with extra for snow loading and/or anyone standing on the roof. You will need an edging on your roof which is not included in the kit. Please download our instructions leaflet for more information about edgings.

The Enviromat pitched green roof kit contains:

Polyethene root barrier - (per square metre):

To protect your waterproofing against damage from roots and boots. Water retention matting.

Enviromat All-In-One Sedum Matting

These can be heavy so make sure there are two of you to lift it. Enviromat is a blanket of low growing sedum plants with at least 95% plant coverage. Seven species of sedum plants are seeded in a random fashion into the mats and then grown on for at least 12 months to create a wonderful mix of ever changing textures, colours and floral displays.

Enviromat contains all the growing medium needed to sustain sedum plants held securely in place by a strong non-degradable mesh that is unique to our brand. A water retention fleece is attached to the back of this matting to help support plants during dry weather. Instruction guide: a step by step guide to creating a living sedum roof.

How and where to lay Enviromat.

Your sedum enviromat prefers a sunny location. It will produce a low maintenance alternative lawn but it will not be hardwearing. Enviromat is heavy, and like grass turf it must be laid as soon as it arrives. Click here to find out more and download our full installation instructions.