Sedum Ground Mat (1m²)

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Imagine a low growing carpet of plants that will flower all summer long and needs virtually no maintenance. That’s what you can achieve in next to no time with Sedum Ground Mats

Sedum Ground Mat (1m²)Sedum Ground Mat (1m²)
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Sedum Ground Mat (1m²) Sedum Ground Mat (1m²) Sedum Ground Mat (1m²) Sedum Ground Mat (1m²)
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Sedum Ground Mats

Sedum ground mats create an ornamental ground cover which flowers from April to the end of October. It’s a truly stunning and very low maintenance alternative to a grass lawn. The foliage is evergreen beautifully textured and full of interest all year round.

Our sedum ground mats are great for a sunny spot and are especially useful where soil is very dry – or even non-existent. The mats are delivered with at least 90% plant coverage. All you need to do is unroll them onto a prepared surface and give them a good watering.

We seed our sedum ground mats with 7 different types of sedum. The mats are then nurtured outdoors in our UK nursery for 9-12 months or until they are big and strong enough for despatch. Plant species are chosen for their disease resistance, drought tolerance, long flowering period and unenviable good looks.

The matting itself is specially made using recycled products. It’s strong, easy to handle and designed to keep the growing medium (substrate) within the mat. So no loss of substrate due to handling, transportation or even heavy rain after installation. For that reason Sedum Ground Mats are great for sloping banks or for disguising manhole covers (the mat can be moved to allow access).

Sedums are drought tolerant and will only need an occasional watering during long spells of dry weather. Other than that, the only maintenance needed is an application of a specialist sedum feed every spring.

Key Points

  • Flowering Time: April - October (depending on local weather conditions)

  • Height when fully grown is generally around 15cm but can vary

  • Plants are perennial and frost hardy down to around -20 degrees celcius

  • Sedum Ground Mats are mown before despatch to minimise damage to plants. They will not be in flower when it is delivered

  • Install at any time of year.

  • Please do not install directly onto soil. Our installation guidelines are designed to restrict weed growth. You can download our installation instructions here.

  • A standard roll of Sedum Ground Cover matting covers 1 square metre of prepared soil and weights up to 30Kg. – we recommend having two people to install it.

  • The balance of plant species is affected by soil type, management, pollinator populations and local climatic conditions. Expect your Sedum Ground Mats will change appearance from year to year

What’s In Sedum Ground Mats?

  • Sedum Ground Mats: With integrated water retention matting. Mats are self-contained and consist of a carrier fleece, growing medium and mature plants.

Plant species in Sedum Ground Mats

Please note: Species and proportions may vary depending on availability of seed through the seasons. Not all species listed will appear in every piece of Sedum Ground Matting

  • White Stonecrop (S.album)

  • Gold Sedum (S.kamtschaticum)

  • Widow's Cross (S.pulchellum)

  • Crooked Yellow Stonecrop (S.reflexum)

  • Two-row stonecrop (S.spurium)

  • Tasteless stonecrop (S.sexangulare)

  • Biting stonecrop (S.acre)

  • Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifragia granulata)

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