Sedum Ground Mats (1m²)

Creates an ornamental ground cover which flowers from April to the end of October. A truly stunning alternative to a grass lawn.

Sedum Ground Mats (1m²)Sedum Ground Mats (1m²)
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Sedum Ground Mats (1m²) Sedum Ground Mats (1m²) Sedum Ground Mats (1m²) Sedum Ground Mats (1m²) Sedum Ground Mats (1m²) Sedum Ground Mats (1m²)
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Sedum lawn; A beautiful alternative.

"No Mow" sedum lawn groundcover, comes in a special matting and is easy to install. It also requires very little maintenance while giving you consistent pleasure and garden interest year after year. It is a clever form of matting which is strong, versatile and easy to install. We spend up to a whole year nurturing the young sedum plants in the matting. This ensures they are well established and strong mature plants when you receive them and the growing medium will last for the plants full life-time.

Maintenance is incredibly easy. There is no dead-heading, pruning or mowing required. Even in a severe drought, Enviromat will survive for 4 weeks without watering. A spring feed is all your sedum mat will need each year. Sedum lawn will also attract a variety of wildlife, adding yet further interest to your garden.

Our sedum groundcover kits contain everything you need to install your Enviromat.

Polyethene sheeting to enable you to control weeds by droughting them out.

Drainage mat. So that the sedum plants don't get overwatered.

Water retention mat to support the plants during long periods of drought.

Enviromat sedum matting. The pretty bit! Enviromat contains all the growing medium that the plants will need for survival. No need to add any extra topsoil or compost.

Simply select the quantity you need from the dropdown box and click to complete your order.

Plants species in Enviromat sedum groundcover mats.

  • White Stonecrop (S.album)

  • Gold Sedum (S.kamtschaticum)

  • Widow's Cross (S.pulchellum)

  • Crooked Yellow Stonecrop (S.reflexum)

  • Two-row stonecrop (S.spurium)

  • Tasteless stonecrop (S.sexangulare)

  • Biting stonecrop (S.acre)

  • Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifragia granulata)

  • Please note that species and proportions may vary depending on availability of seed through the seasons. Not all species will appear in every piece of Enviromat.

    How and where to lay Enviromat.

    Your sedum enviromat prefers a sunny location. It will produce a low maintenance alternative lawn but it will not be hardwearing. Enviromat is heavy, and like grass turf it must be laid as soon as it arrives. Click here to find out more and download our full installation instructions.