Roundup® Optima+ Concentrate

Roundup® Optima+ Concentrate is ideal for treating weeds in beds, borders, vegetable patches and flower pots. It kills the roots so weeds don’t grow back. 140ml + 50% extra free

Roundup® Optima+ ConcentrateRoundup® Optima+ Concentrate
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This easy to mix liquid concentrate is approved for use all around the garden Its ideal for killing stubborn weeds in gravel areas, paths, drives and along fences. It can be used to clean up weedy areas before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and to renovate overgrown areas. Because Roundup® Optima+ Concentrate is a systemic total kill weedkiller, it is ideal for use before turfing or seeding to create a clean seedbed for your new lawn. Roundup® Optima+ is inactivated on contact with the soil and is then broken down by micro-organisms to allow replanting the following day.


Apply by using a garden sprayer.

  • Child and pet safe once dried.

  • Easy to mix and use

  • Fast acting

  • Contains glyphosate

  • Non-selective – copes with even the toughest of weeds such as Nettles and Brambles.



The recommended rate for most applications is 20ml mixed in 1 litre of water, which covers an area of 30m². Each 210ml container makes up to 10 litres of spray, enough to treat over 300m².  Some weeds such as Horsetail and Ground Elder may require more than one application if regrowth appears.


Directions of Use

  • Always wear gloves when handling any chemicals.

  • Keep any stored chemicals away from children and pets.

  • Keep product away from food and drink.

  • Only store chemicals in their original container and retain instructions in case of medical emergency.

  • Do not re-use the empty container. Do not empty any unused chemical into drains or waterways.

  • Avoid spraying in windy or wet conditions.

  • Avoid contact with any plants or lawn areas you wish to keep.  If plants are treated by mistake, immediately wash off with plenty of water.

  • Read pack instructions carefully before use.


What’s in Roundup® Optima+ Concentrate?

Soluble concentrate containing 170g/l (15.04% w/w) glyphosate acid

Present as 208g/l (18.43% w/w) potassium salt of glyphosate

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