Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)

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How is this feed used and why?

Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)
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Sedum Fertiliser (2kg) Sedum Fertiliser (2kg) Sedum Fertiliser (2kg) Sedum Fertiliser (2kg) Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)

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Our specially formulated sedum fertiliser, designed for living roofs, has a completely new formula that covers 65m2. Sedum Fertiliser is an essential part of our recommended green roof maintenance regime.

Harrowden Sedum Fertiliser is a slow release organic feed formulated for healthy and robust plants. This maximises benefits for any living green roof.

Benefits of Sedum Fertilisers

Sedum fertilisers offers a wealth of advantages for green roofing such as biodiversity, insulation, rainwater amelioration, and oxygen production. Although, it does depend on there being a robust, healthy plant layer. Because plants on a green roof are living in a relatively shallow layer of growing medium, they don’t have the same access to water and nutrients as those at ground level. It’s important to make sure that these plants are well nourished so that they will be able to withstand summertime droughts and winter frosts.

Boasting use by professionals, each tub covers 65 square metres. Natural Green Roof Feed may be applied at any time of year. However, for best results, apply in early spring and again in early summer. We recommend you follow the instructions provided with the product. We also suggest that the mentioned application rate is not exceeded.

Technical Specifications: N8-P4-K8 + 3% MgO, trace elements, seaweed, humates, zeolites

Total Nitrogen (N) - 8%; Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) - 4% (1.74% P); Potassium Oxide (K2O) - 8% (6.64% K); Magnesium Oxide (MgO) - 3% (1.8% Mg)

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