Spear & Jackson Elements Garden Aerator

The Spear & Jackson Elements Lawn Aerator helps avoid compaction a common cause of waterlogging of your lawn

Spear & Jackson Elements Garden AeratorSpear & Jackson Elements Garden Aerator
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Spear & Jackson Elements Garden Aerator Spear & Jackson Elements Garden Aerator
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The Spear & Jackson Elements Lawn Aeroator is made from tough carbon steel. The hammer finish epoxy coated head is durable against rust.


Compaction is a common lawn problem that often leads to waterlogging. This easy to use tool helps by reducing soil compaction and thus improving drainage allowing air to enter the soil. The aerator is made up of 5 follow tines and is ideal to treat small problematic areas or smaller lawns. Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the ground. This helps your lawn by providing air circulation and better water and nutrient uptake by the roots of your grass. Aeration allows stale carbon dioxide out of the soil and a fresh intake of oxygen in. This oxygen will stimulate root growth, providing a healthier stronger lawn that is better equipped to fight pests and diseases.


How to Use:


The ideal time to aerate your lawn is either in the Autumn or Spring. This is when the soil is mostly likely to be naturally moist. Keep in mind that aeration is condition dependent. If it is too wet then the holes will seal up, if its too dry you may not be able to make holes or may even damage the aerator.


Ideally we would recommend aerating in early Spring just as the seasons change. During this time grass is actively growing which gives it the opportunity to take advantage of the operation. How often your lawn needs aerating will depend on a few factors. New lawns should be aerated more often as they have an undeveloped root system, and aerating helps this develop and grow. We would recommend aerating twice a year for a new lawn. Lawns with very hard soils such as clay should be aerated at least once a year as they have more difficulty getting air and water to the roots and are more susceptible to waterlogging . For all other types of soil and lawn you should try and aerate at least every 2 to 3 years, but this can be done more frequently if the grass is looking unhealthy or not growing particularly well.


After aeration you should apply a good quality lawn dressing such as Miracle-Gro® EverGreen® Lawn Dressing and an all round balanced lawn feed such as our Rapid Roots.


  • Tough carbon steel with hammer finish epoxy coated head

  • Reduces compaction and improves soil drainage

  • Improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil

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