Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)

Why Harrowden Vivid Green?

Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)
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Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg) Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg) Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)
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In order to keep your lawn turf healthy throughout the summer heat, you need to feed it well keep nutrient levels balanced and in check. By doing this, you can help ensure that your beautifully maintained lawn stays fresh and green throughout the season.

To help you with this, we would highly recommend using our Vivid Green Spring and Summer lawn feed. This feed should be applied to your lawn twice a year in order to give the most benefit. The first application is best done in either March or April, with the second being carried out 8 weeks afterwards. Try to make sure you feed your lawn when rain is forecast in order to help the feed get absorbed properly.

What makes Vivid Green Spring and Summer Feed so good?

  • Nitrogen, which helps leaf growth to keep your garden lush and green.

  • Phosphorus to make sure your lawn’s roots are healthy.

  • Potassium to combat disease and improve the amount of water your lawn absorbs.

  • Vivid Green is the preferred choice by many professionals, with each tub being able to cover a total of 100 square meters and last up to 3 months.

    Help keep your lawn as healthy and green as possible by using Vivid Green Spring and Summer feed twice in a year, 8 weeks apart. Containing key nutrients for your lawn turf, including high levels of nitrogen as well as other nutrients, Vivid Green is perfect for maintaining a thick and green lawn.

    Did you know that nitrogen helps give your lawn that deep green colour? On top of that, the phosphorus will improve root growth whilst potassium strengths and defends your lawn.

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