Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate

Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate a selective weedkiller spray for use on established lawns. It’s tried and tested formula will control most common broad-leaved weeds. Kills weeds but not the grass. 250ml concentrate

Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid ConcentrateWeedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate
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Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate is a concentrated version of Weedol® Gun!™ Lawn Weedkiller for controlling weeds over a larger area. It is an easy to mix concentrate that has been formulated for use on a lawn, killing weeds but not the grass. It is ideal as a general lawn treatment for lawns that have been overrun by opportunist weeds. We recommend not to use this product on a newly laid lawn or seeded area. New lawns should not be treated for the first 2 months and should only be treated when actively growing.   

  • Child and pet safe once dried.

  • Easy to use – can be applied with a garden sprayer or watering can, fitted with a fine rose

  • Fast acting

  • Safe for use on grassed areas if used at the recommended dose



The maximum recommended rate for most applications is 15ml per 10m². Each pack contains 250ml which is enough to treat 167m². It is recommended not to apply more than one treatment per year.


Directions of Use

  • Always wear gloves when handling any chemicals.

  • Keep any stored chemicals away from children and pets.

  • Keep product away from food and drink.

  • Only store chemicals in their original container and retain instructions in case of medical emergency.

  • Do not re-use the empty container. Do not empty any unused chemical into drains or waterways.

  • Avoid spraying in windy or wet conditions.

  • Avoid contact with any plants in beds and borders.

  • Read pack instructions carefully before use.


  1. Shake well before use to make sure the active ingredients are well mixed

  2. Use either awatering can with a fine rose, or for best results a garden sprayer

  3. Measure 15ml with 1 litre of water in a sprayer or with 5 litres of water in a watering can

  4. Apply this evenly over an area of 10m²

  5. Direct away from ponds and other surface water bodies.

  6. Wash out sprayer or watering can thoroughly after use.


What’s in Weedol® Lawn Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate?

Micro-emulsion formulation containing

Fluroxypyr 10.7g/L

Clopyralid 5.4g/L

MCPA 53.8g/L

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