Garden Design Ideas to Help Improve Your Outdoor Room

Good garden design is all about creating usable and inspiring spaces. Places where you want to spend time relaxing and entertaining. Places that look and feel amazing.

For over 50 years, Turfonline has been producing living groundcover and green roofing products to help gardeners create beautiful outdoor rooms.

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Three products to help you achieve your dream garden

Enviromat Sedum Matting

For people who love-hate mowing

Enviromat is very low maintenance, but not very hard wearing. The texture is amazing. For heavier traffic areas such as the route to the washing line, we suggest you bring some stepping stones, gravel or bark mulch into the design.

Create a talking point – make a green roof

A living green roof is guaranteed to be a talking point. Topping your garden office, bin store or shed with sedum plants has innumerable benefits to the environment. More importantly, it turns outdoor essentials into stunning features.

Using Enviromat as a groundcover

Meadowmat Wild Flower Turf

For a whole summers-worth of colour, movement and wildlife interest

Meadowmat is a quick and easy way to garden with native wildflowers.

Why plant wildflowers in the garden?

It’s not just about beauty, it’s about supplying butterflies and bees with pollen, nectar and resting places. It’s also about supporting all kinds of wildlife from insects to birds, even hedgehogs.

Wildflowers appear on the school curriculum. Give your children a hand with their homework by growing native plants in the garden. Youngsters can see first-hand plants and ecosystems work.

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Jubilee Grade Lawn Turf

Don’t dismiss the idea of a grass lawn without wondering why they are so popular with gardeners.

Lawns have featured in British Garden Design since medieval times. In those days a lawn was a luxury. Only for the very rich or privileged. In 21st Century gardens the lawn represents wellbeing, environmental awareness, pride in our homes, and yes, opulence.

A lawn created using Jubilee grade lawn turf says “come outside”. It’s hardwearing enough to cope with children and dogs, luxurious enough to host picnics on, verdant enough to make the neighbours jealous.

Not a fan of mowing or lawn care? You’d be surprised how cost-effective a lawn-care company can be.

Jubilee is not the only type of turf

There are different types of turf for different situations. Some are shade tolerant, some make great sports surfaces.

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