Lawn Grass Seed

As one of the largest growers of turf in the country, we demand high-quality grass seed, gleaned of any weed seeds and with a high germination rate. However, if you decide to sow your lawn rather than buy turf, our grass seed is some of the best quality available anywhere.

We put the same amount of care into our grass seed as we do our turf, so know that you will be getting the perfect seeds to sow yourself a truly beautiful and outstanding lawn. With our range of grass seed, you'll be able to ensure a rich and healthy lawn throughout the year.

It is also recommended that you keep some extra grass seed on the shelf that matches any turf you purchase. That way, you've got grass seed at swift and easy access, ready for any quick patch repair or thickening up in spring after the ravages of a British winter.

  1. Shadesman Seed 200g

    We would highly recommend you buy Shadesman Seed when you purchase Shadesman turf. This will enable you to carry out any repairs that may be required.
    £20.00 Incl VAT
  2. Premium Lawn Seed (0.9kg)

    Harrowden Premium seed uses a blend designed to closely match our Jubilee turf, ensuring the best quality lawn from seed.

    £12.00 Incl VAT