Shadesman Seed 200g

We would highly recommend you buy Shadesman Seed when you purchase Shadesman turf. This will enable you to carry out any repairs that may be required.

Shadesman Seed 200gShadesman Seed 200g
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Shadesman Seed 200g Shadesman Seed 200g
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Harrowden Turf Shadesman Seed is perfect for repairing bare patches in Harrowden Turf Shadesman lawns. Shadesman Seed will create a lawn with unmatched shade tolerance and will also blend in perfectly with your existing Shadesman turf.

The Shadesman Seed will keep for up to 2 years if stored in a cool dry place. Shadesman Seed is espically good if turfing in an area shaded by trees. The seed helps and maintains healthy grow for new and existing turf that isn’t receiving complete tender, love and care.

Our seeds come in bulks of 200g. A full bag will cover 40 square metres.

Please note that this product will be shipped separately from turf, topsoil, Enviromat and Meadowmat. However, grass seed does not require instant application on new turf.

Sowing Rate: 5g per square metre.

Over Sowing Rate: 3g per square metre

£20.00 Incl VAT