Roof Meadow (1m²)

Create a beautiful and biodiverse wildflower meadow on your roof with no worry or waiting.

Meadowmat for Roofmeadows is a landscaping product that adapts well to living at heights. 23 species of native flowering plants and grasses are pregrown onto our proven matting system. All you need to do is unroll Meadowmat on to a suitable base, keep it well irrigated for the first few weeks, and watch those wildflowers grow.

Roof Meadow (1m²)Roof Meadow (1m²)
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Roof Meadow (1m²) Roof Meadow (1m²) Roof Meadow (1m²)
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A wildflower blanket that is as happy on the roof as it is on the ground

Meadowmat for Roof meadows is a brand new landscaping product that makes established wildflowers on living green roof as simple as ABC. It's also superb for low maintenance groundcover.

Selecting plants that will thrive in the harsh conditions of a green roof is no easy task. Luckily, with our Meadowmat Roof Meadow mix has already done all that for you. The seed mix used to create Meadowmat for Roof Meadows gives you a lovely, long flowering period and will host a whole ecosystem.

This means that you can add a beautiful roof garden to your house or project that features a huge variety of colour. But on top of that, you will also have a roof lawn that can attract all kinds of pollinating insects such as butterflies and bees.

Not only does it attract pollinating insects, it will bring beneficial insects (ladybirds, lacewings etc) into the area to help you with pest control in the garden.

Meadowmat for Roof Meadows also supports spiders, beetles, woodlice and many of the minibeasts that serve as food for songbirds, adding even more wildlife and beauty to your delightful roof garden and meadow.
or song birds.

What plants are in Meadowmat for Roofmeadows?

* Birdsfoot trefoil
* Bladder campion
* Cheddar pink
* Clustered bellflower
* Common daisy
* Common poppy
* Cornflower
* Fox and cubs
* Harebell
* Lady’s bedstraw
* Maiden pink
* Meadow saxifrage
* Ragged robin
* Sea campion
* Selfheal
* Sheep’s bit
* Soapwort
* Thrift (sea pink)
* Viper’s bugloss
* Water avens
* Wild Thyme
* Yarrow
* Yellow rattle

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