SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²)

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Every outdoor space has an area that’s hard to maintain. Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is for all of those hard to reach places that still need to look beautiful.


SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²)SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²)
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SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²) SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²) SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²) SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²) SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat (1m²)

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Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes

Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is a blend of 34 native wildflowers and grasses that enjoy a low maintenance care regime. Strongly rooted grasses aid soil stabilisation whilst flowering plants bring an extra layer of attractiveness.

Ideal for a slopes, banks, damp soils and the margins of ponds, streams or 'Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems' (SuDS), Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes offers a real boost to biodiversity. Insects, amphibians, small mammals and birds truly appreciate this wonderful source of food and shelter. And because it needs no chemical treatments, artificial fertilisers or frequent cutting it creates wonderful wildlife habitat.

Key Points

  • Perennial plants – no need to overseed, repopulate or replant (unless you want to).

  • Very easy to install – the ground stabilising blanket is pre-populated with living plants. Simply unroll, peg down, water and walk away. Keep irrigated until plants are well established.

  • Quick to establish. The combination of our matting system and choice of vigorous rooting plants will immediately start to stabilise soil on banks and slopes.

  • High proportion of flowering plants compared with rush or sedge based stabilisation solutions.

  • Flowering Time: May – July (depending on local weather conditions).

  • Meadowmat is mown before despatch to minimise damage to plants. It will not be in flower when it is delivered.
  • A standard roll of Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes covers 1 square metre of prepared soil and weights up to 25Kg. – we recommend having two people to install it. Larger rolls may be provided by special request. Please call us for more information.

  • Your Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes will change appearance from year to year. The species mix is influenced by microclimate, weather conditions and the creatures that visit regularly. It’s a truly biodiverse and adaptable product.

What is Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes?

The Meadowmat range of products from Turfonline are landscaping materials used to establish dense planting very quickly. Some would describe Meadowmat as a flower garden on a roll, however we think it’s much more than that. And Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is a prime example.

Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes combines the needs of engineers with those of ecologists. A layer of biodegradeable geotextile (coir based) allows fast “planting” and establishment of a diverse mix of plant species. Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes starts working from the moment it is unrolled and its effects continue to improve. The planted layer immediately reduces any erosion from rainfall and as roots establish and develop the soil is further stabilised. At the same time, the vegetation attracts and supports a wide range of fauna.

The maintenance regime for Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is uncomplicated and fits easily with Health and Safety practice. Simply mow once a year and remove all of the clippings. All species in Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes are non-toxic. This product lends itself to grazing by sheep, goats, geese or other animals – it’s a wonderful conservation product.

Detailed information on installing and maintaining Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is available in the knowledgebase section of our website.

What’s In Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes?

Please note, percentages refer to the weight of the seed in the growing mix and do not necessarily reflect the proportions of mature plants

50% native grasses

To stabilise soil on slopes and to provide shelter for insects, food for birds and perches for butterflies:

50% native wildflowers

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