Woodland Shade Mix (1m²)

Our Woodland Shade Mix of Meadowmat features a mixture of 38 perennial native plant species to brighten up those partly shaded areas of the garden.

Woodland Shade Mix (1m²)Woodland Shade Mix (1m²)
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Woodland Shade Mix (1m²) Woodland Shade Mix (1m²) Woodland Shade Mix (1m²)
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What makes this Meadowmat unique?

In common with the other Meadowmat mixes, Woodland Shade Meadowmat is incredibly easy to maintain. The Meadowmat system stifles any annual weed seeds in the soil, so provided all perennial weeds are removed when you prepare the ground there'll be hardly any need for weeding.

Seed mix contains 95% flowering plants and 5% grasses by weight.

3 species of our most beautiful native grasses for added textural interest and to provide perches for insects.

35 species of flowering plants providing colour from late spring until early autumn. There's a lovely range of subtle colours ranging from the purples of early violets to the subtle yellow of lady's bedstraw and common toadflax. In early summer, prepare to be "wowed" by bright splashes of red campion.

As with all varieties of Meadowmat, once established in your garden the species mix will adapt to its new environment. You may notice that some species do better than others and that your wildflower area looks different every year.

Woodland Shade Meadowmat prefers to be planted in low fertility soil in partial shade. It will not thrive in deep shade.

Ground Preperation

Whilst our Meadowmat products will grow on any soil type, it thrives on low nutrient soils. If the soil is too rich in nutrients you will notice foliage and grasses will flourish more than flowers. We strongly recommend laying the product onto our low nutrient soil.

What's in Woodland Shade Meadowmat?

  • Autumn hawkbit

  • Betony

  • Birdsfoot trefoil

  • Cat's ear

  • Common knapweed

  • Common toadflax

  • Common sorrel

  • Common vetch

  • Cowslip

  • Dame's violet

  • Field scabious

  • Kidney vetch

  • Lady's bedstraw

  • Meadow cranesbill

  • Meadow vetchling

  • Meadow buttercup

  • Meadowsweet

  • Musk mallow

  • Oxeye daisy

  • Pepper saxifrage

  • Primrose

  • Ragged robin

  • Red campion

  • Ribwort plantain

  • Rough hawkbit

  • Salad burnet

  • Sanfoin

  • Selfheal

  • Tufted vetch

  • White campion

  • Wild carrot

  • Wild marjoram

  • Wild mignonette

  • Wood sage

  • Yellow rattle

  • Sheeps fescue

  • Crested dogstail

  • Yellow oatgrass