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Choosing the right soil or substrate is an essential part of any landscaping project. Whether its for a lawn or a bio-diverse green roof a good quality growing medium will ensure your planting scheme thrives.

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  • Ornamental Play Bark

    Ornamental Play Bark – Bulk Bag

    As Low As £149.99 incl VAT

    600L Our premium spruce, pine and mixed conifer bark chippings bulk bags give a professional dark finish to beds and borders. Chipped to 8-40mm and screened to remove fine particles. Ideal for suppressing weeds and retaining moisture - saving water!  

All plants need a good base in which to grow. For a new lawn this means good quality screened topsoil. We grow our turf on high quality soils and these form the basis of our topsoil offer.  Low nutrient soil will make sure your Meadowmat Wildflower Turf gets off to the best start and help to keep grasses in check whilst we also offer Enriched Lawn Soil for  top-dressing and repairs.  We have decorative, ornamental and play barks to  help you save water, maintain moisture and keep weeds under control.

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