Top Soil, Top Dressing & Bark

Our topsoil is of the highest quality, carefully produced, free draining and fertile soil. As leading UK turf suppliers, we know that topsoil is essential to a healthy lawn. Our topsoil is classed as grade 1, which only 2.5% of UK soils can boast reaching the same standards. Our bulk bags of tosoil are screened to 20mm.

The range of smaller bags of Lawn Soil that we supply can be used to improve existing soil throughout your garden, but can also be used as a high-quality top dressing, giving your garden a far healthy soil to grow on. On top of this, our topsoil can be used to brush into cracks to help retain moisture and prevent shrinkage, strengthening the overall health of your garden and improving the quality of your turf. It is also good to use in tubs and containers. We ensure that all our top dressing lawn soil is screened below 10mm. This means that it will blend into your existing soil to improve the condition and fertility, whilst helping you to obtain a level surface.

When it comes to finishing off a garden, bark on the borders can look beautiful against a healthy green lawn and will also help to prevent weeds. A well-laid path of bark going around the edge of your new turf can be a wonderful way to finish of a beautifully designed lawn and garden. We also supply bags of play bark for under a swing set or play area. We produce and supply all topsoil, top dressing and bark in order to provide you with an effective online turf buying experience with Turf Online!

  1. Topsoil – Bulk bag

    (126 reviews)

    Our own blend nutrient-rich, organic and screened loam. Ideal for improving existing soils. Rakes out to a smooth surface ready for new turf or seed.

    £119.00 Incl VAT
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  2. Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag

    A balance green roof growing medium engineered for optimum plant performance and reduced loading.

    £155.00 Incl VAT
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  3. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Enriched Lawn Soil (25ltrs)

    (12 reviews)

    100% organic lawn soil. Ideal for filling in holes and top dressing. Enriched with Miracle-Gro lawn feed.


    £6.98 Incl VAT
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  4. Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil

    (9 reviews)

    A Specially blended low fertility soil recommended for establishing a wildflower area.


    £129.00 Incl VAT
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  5. Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil (20 Litre Bag)

    Handy sized bags of specially blended low fertility soil recommended for establishing a wildflower area.
    £6.98 Incl VAT
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  6. Levington® Multi Purpose Compost (40 litres)

    (0 reviews)

    A multi purpose compost that is ideal for all gardening uses. Perfect for all stages of plant life including seed sowing, hanging baskets and containers.


    £5.50 Incl VAT
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  7. Miracle-Gro Premium All Purpose Compost (40ltrs)

    (0 reviews)
    A premium all purpose compost ideal for both young and mature plants. It contains a unique blend of nutrients that will feed your plants for up to 6 months.
    £5.99 Incl VAT
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  8. Levington® Water Saving Decorative Bark (75 litres)

    (3 reviews)

    A decorative ornamental bark that helps you save water by reducing evaporation and keeping moisture around plant roots where they need it the most.


    £8.50 Incl VAT
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  9. Play Grade Bark (70 litres)

    (1 reviews)

    Certified play safe to provide a soft landing also perfect for protecting plants and suppressing weeds.


    £11.65 Incl VAT
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  10. Ornamental Bark – Bulk Bag

    (0 reviews)

    Our premium spruce, pine and mixed conifer bark chippings bulk bags give a professional dark finish to beds and borders. Chipped to one inch and screened to remove fine particles. Ideal for suppressing weeds and retaining moisture - saving water!

    £125.00 Incl VAT
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  11. Green Roof Substrate (25 Litre bags)

    Handy sized bags of engineered green roof substrate ideal for small green roofs or repairs

    £6.98 Incl VAT
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