Top Soil, Top Dressing & Bark

Good quality, free draining fertile soil is essential to a healthy lawn. Our soil is classed as grade 1, only 2.5% of UK soils can boast this status. Rich, dark and screened below 10mm. Blend into your existing soil to improve condition and fertility and help obtain a level surface.

Our smaller bags of Lawn Soil can be used to improve existing soil or as a topdressing. Can be used to brush into cracks to help retain moisture and prevent shrinkage. Also good to use in tubs and containers.

Bark on the borders look beautiful against a healthy green lawn and prevent weeds. We also supply bags of play bark for under the swing or play area.

  1. Topsoil – Bulk bag (0.72m³)

    Nutrient rich, organic and screened loam. Fantastic for improving existing soils and rakes out to a smooth surface ready for new turf.
    £89.00 Incl VAT
  2. Bark – Bulk Bag (0.72m³)

    Tidy up the borders and suppress those weeds - life's too short to waste time weeding the garden! Each bag should be adequate for a 20 square metre area.
    £98.40 Incl VAT
  3. Play Grade Bark (70ltrs)

    40-60mm pine nuggets. Decorative, substantial and very durable. Top of the range pine play bark, ideal for prestigious play areas and decorative landscaping.
    £10.80 Incl VAT
  4. Enriched Lawn Soil (25ltrs)

    Bags of sieved soil free from weeds and weed seeds. Brush into the cracks of the newly laid turf to ensure a flawless, seamless finish.
    £4.79 Incl VAT
  5. Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil (0.8m³)

    Specially blended low fertility soil recommended for establishing MeadowMat wildflower turf or seed.
    £119.00 Incl VAT