Green Roof Substrate (25 Litre bags)

Handy sized bags of engineered green roof substrate ideal for small green roofs or repairs

Green Roof Substrate (25 Litre bags)Green Roof Substrate (25 Litre bags)
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25 Litre bags Harrowden Green Roof Growing Substrate

A green roof is a unique environment that calls for a unique growing medium. With almost 2 decades of growing sedum and wildflower blankets for use on extensive green roofs, Turfonline have perfected a growing medium that meets the needs of the building and the plants.

  • Lower density growing medium for less weight loading on your building

  • Open structure does not compact and is free draining

  • Optimum water retention for plants to thrive yet not prone to waterlogged

  • Larger particles – will not silt up drains, settle or wash away in heavy rainfall (particle size is 0-14mm)

  • 30% organic matter, 70% mineral = minimal potential losses due to soil oxidisation

  • FLL approved for use on living roofs

  • Also available in bulk bags

A bag will cover an area of 1m² to a depth of 25mm

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