Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag (0.75m³)

A balance green roof growing medium engineered for optimum plant performance and reduced loading.

Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag (0.75m³)Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag (0.75m³)
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Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag (0.75m³) Green Roof Substrate Bulk Bag (0.75m³)

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Harrowden Green Roof Growing Substrate

Green roofing is where ecology marries engineering. This growing medium has been especially formulated to meet the needs of the plants, the building they are enhancing and the wider environment.

  • Relatively light weight when compared to topsoil and compost

  • Free draining – creates the ideal conditions for popular green roof plant species

  • Less water retention = less loading on the structure of the building

  • Larger particles – will not wash away in heavy rainfall

  • Low percentage of organic matter – will not oxidise over time and need replenishing

  • Open structure – not easily compacted

  • FLL approved for use on living roofs

  • Particle size 0 – 14mm

  • Also available in 25 Litre bags for easy handling

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