Turf Laying Boards

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Essential to prevent damage to newly laid turf when moving hose etc.

Turf Laying BoardsTurf Laying Boards
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Turf Laying Boards Turf Laying Boards Turf Laying Boards
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We recommend using Harrowden Turf Laying Boards when laying new turf. They provide an even distribution of weight as well as preventing footprints in the new and delicate turf. The board also assists in regulating application, as it acts as a straight edge for the next row of turf. This accentuates a professional and accurate finish to your turf.

Our Turf Laying Boards come in sets of two. This means that you may alternate your stance between the boards as you progress up and down the lawn. Each Turf Board is 1.2m long, giving the optimum amount of workspace while laying the new turf. It is also made of light-weight material, which enhances convenience.

Below, find a list of instructions on the method of use:

  1. When the first row of turf has been laid, place the plank on top of the laid turf.

  2. Stand on the laying board to prevent any damage to the freshly laid turf. Work from the board. 

  3. When you need to move, use the second board by placing it on the turf and move across to the second board.

The Turf Laying Board will do three jobs:

  • Act as a straight edge for your next row.

  • Avoid indentations made by walking on the newly laid turf.

  • Evenly distribute the compression weight for good soil to turf contact.

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