Tools & Equipment

“Use the right tool for the job” – that is just common-sense advice that applies to a wide range of situations. This includes any project related to your garden and turf. In order to make your life easier, we supply a concise range of tools to help you lay your new lawn easily and efficiently.

For example, Turf laying boards to work from as you lay the new turf means that you can work on your new lawn without the risk of damaging it. Combine these with a high-quality rake and this will allow you to level out and contour the soil, giving a far better finish for your lawn. You could also use a strong and sturdy wheelbarrow to move the turf around, as well as other products that can help you to achieve a good result.

No matter what you need to make sure that your turf project or new lawn looks immaculate, we have it covered. So get your turf laying off to the right start with our range of turf tools and equipment.

  1. Turf Laying Boards

    Essential to prevent damage to newly laid turf when moving hose etc.

    £12.90 Incl VAT
  2. Landscaping Rake (18E)

    Steel landscape rake with a back edge for soil grading and levelling.
    £34.99 Incl VAT
    Out of stock
  3. Lawn Disease Control (60sqm coverage)

    Bayer Garden Lawn Disease Control prevents and controls patches and discolouration in lawns caused by diseases.
    £14.99 Incl VAT
  4. Weed Control Fabric (14m²)

    This is the perfect way to ensure your lawn remains free from unsightly molehills and weed.
    £17.76 Incl VAT
  5. Lawn Edge (90mm x 10m)

    Rot-proof plastic lawn edging, perfect for a crisp lawn edge.
    £5.70 Incl VAT
    Out of stock
  6. Lawn Edge (165mm x 10m)

    Rot proof corrugated plastic lawn edging.
    £10.50 Incl VAT
    Out of stock
  7. Commercial Wheel Barrow (Black)

    A heavy duty wheelbarrow with a carrying capacity of up to 90 litres with a strong tubular frame and a pneumatic wheel for easy transportation
    £59.99 Incl VAT
    Out of stock