Fertiliser Spreader

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The Harrowden Fertiliser Spreader with 5 different treatment settings.

Fertiliser SpreaderFertiliser Spreader
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Fertiliser Spreader Fertiliser Spreader

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A Handy Fertiliser Spreader For Your Lawn

Quickly and efficiently distribute granular lawn food with our Evergreen Fertiliser Spreader. This handy spreader ensures great results and is perfect for small lawns.

We understand that spreading lawn feed requires care, and removing any possibility of scorch damage (by over application) or patchy end results (by uneven distribution) is what you need. There are five different settings that allow you to tailor the correct spread during spring/summer season or autumn/winter.

  • Just fill the hopper - ideally away from the lawn to avoid spills that might damage the grass.

  • Adjust the spreader settings.

  • Now walk up and down the lawn at normal speed turning the handle. For best results, cover the lawn area in different directions. This will avoid tramlines between each row.

Because the throw sideways from the Handy Spreader is not completely accurate and lawn edges are rarely dead straight it is recommended that lawn treatments containing moss or weed killers are not applied in this way.

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