Lawn Disease Control (60sqm coverage)

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Lawn disease: Control and prevention

Lawn Disease Control (60sqm coverage)Lawn Disease Control (60sqm coverage)
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Bayer Garden Lawn Disease Control can be used all year round for control of Red Thread and moderate control of Fusarium patch on established garden lawns and residential turf. The Lawn disease control pack comes with three easy to use, soluble sachets that will treat a total of 60 square metres.

Red Thread first appears as circular pink/bleached patches in the grass. Fusarium starts as dull brown spots. Both can expand rapidly into larger areas with dead grass. Ideally, the treatment should be applied at first indications of infestation. We recommend not applying during drought conditions or to frozen turf. This will affect the treatment of the lawn disease control.

Each box contains three sachets containing water dispersible granules for 60sqm. coverage.

How to use Brayer Garden Lawn Disease Control:

Before applying, you should calculate the area of lawn that needs to be treated in square metres. When applying the product, we recommend using a sprayer.

1. Open the sachet and drop the inner water-soluble bag into a sprayer, containing 1 Litre of water. (Do not open inner water-soluble bag)
2. Allow standing for 2 minutes until the inner water-soluble bag dissolves, then shake gently to mix.
3. Spray evenly over 20 square metres of lawn.
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